Our Work

Apps That Take Care of Your Business

Our team understands that today’s customer expects seamless, multi-channel experiences across desktop, mobile, and in-store. We work to create products that have integrated engagement, high personalization, and goal-oriented functionality.

The digital products that we build:

help users complete a task; allow customers to search, find and compare location based products; provide the abililty to easily share information across devices or with friends;

help customers find solutions to their challenges; our products build trust with customers and in turn strengthen our client’s brands through exceptional customer experiences, customer service and customer satisfaction.


We aligned the Telepresence brand with customers’ perceptions and Cisco’s own aspirations as an Internet technology pioneer; one that aspires to bring people together, using the most innovative technology in the world. We developed executive presentations and communications materials to help explain the products and highlight its features in a simple yet elegant way. This resonated with customers and internally throughout the product team.


Our design communications for Genentech helped convey the life changing aspects of their biotherapeutics. This active and purposeful brand management helped support the dialog with payer groups (insurance companies). These groups have a multi-billion dollar interest in helping patients recieve cutting edge treatments. Through day-one releases, fact sheets, landing pages, presentations and event materials, our designs helped the company create a dialogue with payers creating relations successes and partnership strengthening.


Our digital brand and style guidelines helped Westfield enter into the online, mobile marketplace in serious fashion. Guiding core brand elements as well as digital product functionality we strengthened and maintained continuity with existing brand standards that reach back 50 years. Interaction and visual pattern libraries have helped create a brand experience that had not existed on the digital side of this very physical focused company. Recently Westfield has been recognized by FastCompany as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2015.

Compare Networks

Our life science search engine and product directory platform recreated life in the lab for thousands of scientists. With rich media and digital advertising we worked to extend CompareNetworks as a brand leader within the life science and biopharmaceutical industry. Researchers now turn to Biocompare and its sister sites to find the products they need to help accelerate their research. Through technical specifications, product reviews, commercial videos and the Antibody Search Tool, scientists rely on Biocompare to find the best products for their research of diseases including cancer, AIDS/HIV, glaucoma, macular degeneration, mood disorders, heart disease and many others.